Google Singapore Top Searches in 2016

Google Singapore Top Searches in 2016

Google is a popular search platform which releases its list of top searches at various time intervals. At the end of the year, the search engine displays a list of the most popular searched topics country-wise and globally.

Here is the list of Top Searches in 2016 of Google Singapore.

In Athletes

Singapore searched for the Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling who performed exceptionally and brought the country one and only Gold medal in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. Schooling won gold in the 100 meters butterfly when he completed the race in a time of 50.39 seconds. Also, in the category of athletics, the country searched for Michael Phelps, Lee Chong Wei, Muhammad Ali, Derrick Rose.

In Destinations

A majority of Singaporeans searched for Turkey as the Russian Ambassador Karlov to Turkey was shot dead in Ankara art gallery. Apart from this, Singapore also showed an interest in June Holiday destinations in Asia, Japan, Weekend destinations near Singapore, Europe destinations and others. These searchers clearly show the inclination of the residents towards traveling to new destinations during Holidays, Weekends and others.

In Gadgets

Singapore loves to keep itself informed and does not miss hitting on the latest Gadgets. This year, Singaporeans mostly searched for iPhone 7. This phone by Apple grabbed the most attention as apart from being an Apple product, it is believed to have the best performance, battery life, resistance to water, new finish and stereo speakers. Other top 4 Gadgets in which Singaporeans showed an interest are iPhone SE, Samsung Note 7, Google Pixel and MacBook Pro.

In International News

They say that in order to be successful, you need to stay informed and this is what Singapore believes in as it appears a majority of the internet-savvy population here did not mind searching Google for International News. Look at the list of news and you will find U.S elections, making to the top of the list. U.S in 2016 elected their new President Donald Trump. Other trending International news includes Brexit, Rio Olympics, Australian Open 2016, Total Solar Eclipse and others.

In Movies

Movies are something Singaporeans love and the top searches in this section include Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Train to Busan, Zootopia, Batman v Superman and others.

Other top Trending topics

Apart from this list Singapore searched for the popular game Pokemon Go, Euro 2016, Joseph Schooling, Donald Trump, Descendants of the Sun and others.Overall, the Google Singapore search trends matched the global search and showed how connected the country is to the world.

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